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Outstanding film locations

In Istria you can really find everything you are looking for! A great variety of natural beauty and sights of nature on land and at sea in perfect union with outstanding edifices and monuments are a true reminders of the special allure Istria has always had for numerous rulers of which all had left their traces in tangible and intangible heritage during the course of history. Visit our gallery and choose from a great variety of film locations we offer.

20 % tax rebate for foreign productions

In 2002 the Republic of Croatia introduced a 20% tax rebate for all foreign productions for feature, animated, documentary and television films as well as television series which are partly or entirely filmed in Croatia. Since then we have witnessed a significant development of film industry and film-related tourism.

Popular and easily accessible destination

Istria boasts of its exceptionally favourable geographical position at the intersection of important European routes. This western Croatian region situated almost at the centre of Europe, halfway between the Equator and the North Pole, is a bridge connecting Central Europe and the Mediterranean.

Traffic connections

The auspicious position of the Istrian peninsula, numerous possibilities and accessibility of traffic infrastructure are the main advantages of Istria as a film destination. This is supported by numerous and easily accessible marine and land routes as well as no less than five airports within the area of 100 kilometres.

The services of Istria Film Commission are free of charge

The services of Istria Film Commission include unlimited access to film locations web catalogue, a preliminary location scouting, good communication with local, regional and national authorities, counseling and informing, obtainment of all legally proscribed permits, and constant assistance on the project. All that without charge!

Favourable climate the whole year round

Istria is characterized by a mild Mediterranean climate on the coast which gradually changes into continental climate in Istrian inland due to cold jet streams from the nearby mountainous area and the Alps. It is precisely thanks to such great differences in climate and a variety of geomorphological features that Istria is such a unique and perfect destination for a multitude of activities during the whole year. Besides that, Istria is widely known as the region where you can experience some of the most magnificent sunsets.

Technical and human resources

In order to secure the most favourable shooting conditions, Istria can offer a wide range of experts and professionals whose knowledge of filmmaking and local resources can make your job more simple and easy.

The aim is to create a database of film-related professionals and non-skilled workers like professional make-up artists, costume designers, set designers, sound engineers and technicians and many more in order to meet all potential project demands.

A fully developed high quality accommodation and hospitality trade infrastructure

According to a highly developed tourist offer, Istria can boast of a high quality accommodation and hospitality infrastructure of various categories. This is best reflected in a wide range of renowned hotel chains, private accommodation and a fully developed agriculturist sector that presents an appropriate extension of an already rich and variegated gastronomical offer.   

A film friendly region, cities and municipalities

Istria is a highly developed and renowned tourist destination which boasts its social and cultural values along with the perfect combination of maritime and inland natural beauties. Within the framework of a progressive development of its tourist resources, Istria has made a step forward by strongly marking its position on the map of filming locations of excellence. Fully aware of manifold benefits for local community from audiovisual production, local and regional self-government authorities of the Region of Istria have embarked on a continuous and long-lasting development of communication models and cooperation with the Istria Film Commission with the intention to significantly shorten and simplify the bureaucratic and administrative course of obtainment of required permits and so support the audiovisual production in Istria.  

Cordiality of good hosts

Istria is widely known as the land of warm and sincere hosts. Istria has always been dedicated to tourism and as such it relies on cordiality of the Istrians keeping its position as one of the leading tourist regions in our country. With regard to the long tradition of tourism related activities being an essential part of the character of the local people, the knowledge of foreign languages, a sincere cordiality and hospitality represent an almost proverbial peculiar identity of Istrian hosts.


After a successfully finished project, we invite you to stay in Istria a bit longer and enjoy an authentic art of living where modern meets traditional by respecting the authenticity in every aspect of life: through culture, music, visual expression and local gastronomy. Istria inspires!