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The main mission of Istria Film Commission is to define models of cooperation and to strengthen the communication with public authorities, private and business subjects in order to provide help and support to audiovisual productions. Support, assistance and supplying logistics and services represent the framework activities of Istria Film Commission.

Istria Film Commission will perform the following services free of charge:

  • location scouting
  • communication with public authorities, regional and national private and business subjects
  • assistance in mapping technical and human resources
  • education for audiovisual production activities, etc.

We provide individual one-to-one commitment taking care of every client's individual needs taking care of the complexity and particular demands of audiovisual productions.


In return for the use of the Istria Film Commission services and the region as a movie location, we kindly ask the production companies to include in their final credits Istria Film Commission’s name and logo, as well as names of public or private entities involved in the shooting.

You can download our logo here.