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Istria Film Commission is a constitutive unit within the framework of the Istrian Cultural Agency (IKA – Istarska kulturna Agencija – Agenzia culturale Istriana).

Istrian Cultural Agency (IKA) is a public nonprofit institution established by the Region of Istria in 2002 for the purpose of answering immediate needs of the cultural sector development in Istria.

Istria Film Commission was founded with the intention to promote Istria as an attractive filming location, to raise awareness of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the region, the unique features of its natural environment and tourism and to plan its further development based on the concept of territorial competitiveness

Istria Film Commission will represent a point of reference for national and international productions, investors, authors, film and audiovisual experts and institutions.

Istria Film Commission is a direct link between the audiovisual production and the Istrian area and its specific localities.