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Istrian economy is very diverse. Istria is traditionally the most visited tourist region.

It has a well-developed processing industry, construction industry, trade, sea fishing and fish growing, agriculture, and transportation. According to the number of economic subjects and according to financial indicators, the leading activities are processing industry, tourism, and trade.

In the field of industry, the most developed branches are shipbuilding, production of construction material (lime, cement, brick, stone), tobacco products, furniture, electric machines and appliances, parts for the automobile industry, glass, processing metals, plastic, wood, textile, and the production of food.

Great attention has been given to the revitalisation of agriculture in the previous few years, which marked a big improvement in wine- and olive- growing, and in the system of ecologic food production.

Istria is a region moving upwards on the scale of development cycle. Strategic geographic position and good traffic connections between Europe and the Mediterranean, preservation of natural resources, stability of regional politics and the collaboration with numerous regions abroad make Istria an attractive destination for foreign investments.


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